Order of Requirements To Becoming A Member at BRSC

Membership Requirements

Membership at Blue Ridge Shooters Club is limited to 300 members.  

Please don't let this deter you from applying for membership.

In case there is a waiting list to join Blue Ridge Shooters Club, 

applications will be considered in the order that they are received...So, apply today!

1. Read, Understand & Know All Club, Range & Safety Rules Established

by the Board of Directors, Membership & NRA

2. Find A Sponsor - All New Members Must Be Sponsored By

A Member in Good Standing of at Least 6 Months

                     3. Submit Your Application to:

​                         Blue Ridge Shooters Club

                         2780 South River Road

                        Vesuvius, Virginia  24483  


               4. Be a Member of the

           National Rifle Association (NRA)

    5. Attend A Membership Meeting (First Sunday of Every Month @ 2 pm) with Your Sponsor

6. Complete at Least 1 Scheduled Work Day Per Year to Help

with Maintenance, Beautification & Function of Our Club